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Why our Puppies are the best

We are dedicated to the breeding of the finest quality, sweet-tempered rough-coated pug puppies at the most reasonable prices. We take great pride in the feedback received from purchasers of our puppies that their puppies have grown up to be very social and friendly adult dogs. This provides us with the necessary incentive to continue breeding these wonderful, loving and loyal companions.

All our puppies are raised in our home with other dogs cats and kids, we offer genetically screened top quality Pug puppies for sale. They're energetic and playful, while rocking a glorious mane that recalls their royal roots. We offer AKC pugs with limited registration. Occasional full registration, Traditional and parti colored. we strive to breed the best of the best, and our pug puppies are of top quality that are focused on health and standards. we are a small program focused on bettering the breed and producing puppies that are healthy and well socialized from birth. We strive to adhere to the standards of pug puppy and only breed dogs of sound health and excellent quality.

We are a Fam­­ily Run Farm

Dedicated to breeding Pug Puppies who will become family friends for our clients. Breeding the finest quality, sweet-tempered rough-coated traditional classic Pug Puppies at a very reasonable price.

Procedure To Adopt A Puppy From Us

To adopt or buy a Pug Puppy from us, Visit our website and browse through our available pug puppies and choose the puppy you love most and click on the Adopt button and it will take you to our contact page. Fill in all the form information as required and submit your form. We will get back to your shortly with more information about the puppy you inquired about. We do not guarantee a 24/7 live support, but we promise to get back to you as soon as possible after receiving your inquiry on our contact page. We are here because of you.
Available Pug Puppies


pug puppies for sale
Pet name : Tecy
Breed : Pug Puppy
Current Age : 12 Weeks
Sex : Female
Registered : Yes
To make sure she gets the best possible start, we will send her home potty training already, feeding chart, a personalized guidebook, and many resources to help you along the way. She will love running around town with you doing errands or snuggling at home to relax. Pretty is well socialized and eager to find a forever home. Don’t miss out on this spectacular companion


pug puppies for sale near me
Pet name : Ted
Breed : Pug Puppy
Current Age : 12 Weeks
Sex : Male
Registered : Yes
Say hello to our sweet little Ted! He is one of the most tender hearted little puppy in the nursery currently. He paws at your legs for you to pick him up when he wants some cuddle time and will tilt his little head when you speak to him, he has got to be one of the sweetest little things this side of Heaven. Check out his adorable ears, too cute! Ted is pure eye candy through & through!


pugs for sale
Pet name : Dante
Breed : Pug Puppy
Current Age : 8 Weeks
Sex : Male
Registered : Yes
Dante is a cute lovely looking puppy who is just waiting to be taken in by the perfect person. He is Cute, fun loving and interacts well with other pets. he comes along Toys, Blanket and food sample that will last for a couple of days.
Our Past Clients Reviews
How lucky we were to find you. We had been looking to adopt a Pug Puppy, when we discovered Miles website. Miles sincerely cares about every one of his Pug Puppies and places the highest standards on getting them in the best of homes, when they are adopted. Thanks Miles for sharing her with us. We love our Nola!
We can't thank Uptown Pugs Land enough for allowing us to bring one of their special Pug puppy into our home. Winnie and our other puppy Bulldog, Fozzie, are best buds! She was exactly what our family needed to be complete. Wherever we go, she's perfectly behaved and takes center stage. She couldn't have a better disposition or be more loving. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making us part of your extended family!
I don’t know if you noticed this but Fred is just naturally polite. New experiences don’t ruffle him at all. Going to see my friends, his doctor, groomer to get his nails trimmed, visiting friends with dogs, loves kids. Everyone gets kisses. He is quite popular. Of course when he’s home he can be a hellion. My first Bulldog Nicco was like that too. He was also just naturally very polite. He has a full social calendar. I am his driver, hehe. Really, he gets invited everywhere.


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NOTE: If you need your puppy shipped to you and can not make it to our local Airports for pickup, then additional fee is aded to the total purchhase price. This fee varies in respect to your State and City.


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